The Twisted Minds Journey to Global Triumph

The team behind Twisted Minds, shared an in-depth account of their ascent to prominence in the esports arena, culminating in their recent ground-breaking victory at the Gamers8 Club Awards, where they secured a remarkable $1.5 million prize.

Their story begins like most top tier gaming and esports clubs. A group of gamers who dream of something bigger.

The origins of Twisted Minds is rooted in a shared passion for gaming, and it began particularly with PUBG Mobile, among a close-knit group of friends. Co-founders Ibrahim bin Jebren and Hatem Almukhailed recalled, “It began as a simple gathering of friends who loved gaming. This passion for esports quickly turned into something more serious when we realized the potential in the market, especially here in Saudi Arabia. Our previous experience in entrepreneurship played a pivotal role. It enabled us to transform our hobby into a competitive venture.”

Looking at the evolution of the team and its adaptability to the changing esports landscape, their journey has seen them through many challenges.

Reflecting on their encounters with top clubs around the world, they add “Our driving force in every competition, regardless of the opponent, has been our passion for the game. The advancements in the Saudi esports scene have been inspiring, propelling us further.

This passion, combined with the hard work of our behind-the-scenes team, gives us the confidence to compete at the highest level. The advancements in the esports scene in Saudi Arabia, led by the Saudi Esports Federation, have been incredibly inspiring and motivating. This passion is what drives us to face and often outperform more experienced teams.”

Part of what makes Twisted Minds is the people behind it.

The recruitment strategy at Twisted Minds has been a critical component of their success. Hatem Almukhailed adds “Our recruitment process might vary, but we consistently seek individuals who are deeply passionate about esports and exhibit an unwavering commitment to excellence. These qualities are non-negotiable and form the foundation of our club’s ethos and success.”

Discussing the club's broader activities, the team has gone beyond esports. “Twisted Minds isn’t just an esports club. We are actively involved in entertainment, merchandising, and innovative collaborations, especially in the AI domain. Our involvement in projects like ATHKA/GGPredict is a evidence to our ambition to grow and establish a significant presence in the esports ecosystem.”

Looking toward future challenges, including the Esports World Cup in 2024, the team maintained a sense of strategic discretion about their preparations. The team adds, “The methodology that led us to victory at the Gamers8 Club Awards is our secret weapon. While we keep our specific strategies close to our chest, our focus is on continuous improvement – scouting, training, and evolving to ensure that we remain formidable contenders on the world stage.”