Enhancing Cognitive Performance in Esports: An Interview with Przemysław Siemaszko

In esports, the line between victory and defeat can be as thin as a millisecond. In the quest to develop a platform where players have the edge, training platforms like GGPredict have carved out a niche for itself by harnessing the power of AI to redefine the limits of gaming performance and harnessing player’s cognitive abilities to better their game.

In conversation with its CEO, Przemysław Siemaszko, he delves into the origins, mission, and visionary goals of GGPredict, shedding light on its transformative impact on the esports industry.

"The inspiration for GGPredict was rooted in our personal experiences as gamers," Siemaszko adds. "We recognized early on that the desire to win was paramount, driving us to create AI solutions that not only enhance performance but also foster a healthier, more balanced approach to gaming."

The initial drive was rooted in a simple truth acknowledged by gamers worldwide: the thirst for victory. It was this insight that led Siemaszko and his team to develop cutting-edge AI solutions designed not just to enhance players' performance but to revolutionize the way teams approach the game. "We built AI solutions that analyze players’ performance, advise them on how to improve, and help teams prepare better tactics and scout the best players for their team composition and playstyle," he shares.

However, the journey of GGPredict reveals a deeper understanding of the gamer's psyche. Winning, as it turns out, is only one piece of the puzzle. "Having a comprehensive tool for performance improvement, we started understanding that players often have more serious problems with gaming than just winning," Siemaszko reflects. This marked a pivotal shift in their mission. GGPredict evolved, aiming to address the broader spectrum of challenges faced by gamers, from the psychological strains of competitive play to the physical demands of prolonged gaming sessions.

"Now we create a solution that not only helps players get better but also helps them play in a sustainable way that helps them get the most out of gaming and benefits them in life outside of esports," Siemaszko states. This vision of sustainability and personal growth through gaming is what sets GGPredict apart, offering a pathway for gamers to not only excel in their craft but to do so in a manner that enriches their lives beyond just esports.

Diving into the technological that sets GGPredict apart, Siemaszko informs us on the extensive use of analytics and metrics integral to the platform's success. "We have created our proprietary data tools that allow us to extract almost any information about players in esports games," Siemaszko states. This sophisticated approach employs a myriad of metrics to finely tune the assessment of a player's skill, delving into details that range from reaction times and accuracy to more nuanced measures like flick accuracy and map-specific performance.

The other value of GGPredict lies in its tailored communication strategy to its players. Depending on the audience, from amateur enthusiasts to professional teams, the platform offers customized advice designed to maximize improvement. "Amateur players get very simple information about what they should train, while for professional players or teams, we delve deep into tactics, flaws, and even team composition," explains Siemaszko. This approach ensures that every level of player receives the precise insights needed to elevate their game.

Przemysław Siemaszko is enthusiastic about the transformative potential of AI in esports, emphasizing its capacity to redefine the analysis and improvement of critical gaming skills. "Our AI models can analyze and extract hundreds of metrics about every player in a match within seconds," he explains. This rapid, comprehensive analysis offers insights that could take a human coach or analyst hours to compile, focusing on only one player at a time.

The revolutionary aspect of GGPredict's AI extends to its ability to devise personalized training plans that significantly enhance a player's development pace, strategically targeting the most crucial skills needed at any given moment. Yet, Siemaszko is quick to acknowledge the human element in this high-tech equation. "Ultimately, the player must invest effort in training and perform under match pressure. AI greatly enhances efficiency in esports, but the ultimate power resides with the players themselves." This balance between technological advancement and human effort underscores the innovative approach GGPredict takes in pushing the boundaries of gaming performance.

He sheds light on GGPredict's proactive approach towards addressing the health aspects of gaming, recognizing the extensive impact that gaming can have on a player's well-being. "We've noticed several challenges players face that can be mitigated with data," Siemaszko notes, highlighting the detrimental effects of excessive gaming not just on performance but on health. GGPredict's platform actively advises players on when to take breaks, the importance of physical exercise, and the optimal time to stop gaming for the day, aiming to cultivate healthier gaming habits.

Moreover, Siemaszko prides on the platform's capability to detect stress-related issues, such as difficulty in handling losses or dealing with toxicity in the gaming environment. "We offer guidance on how to manage anxiety and stress following challenging games," he adds, illustrating GGPredict's commitment to the mental health of its users. By analyzing player decisions, the platform also assesses improvements in skills applicable outside of gaming, such as proactive thinking, strategic planning, and teamwork.

"Our future efforts will increasingly concentrate on assisting players in maintaining a healthy balance between gaming and life, ensuring they derive maximum benefit from esports," he concludes, underlining the company's vision for a holistic approach to gaming performance and health.

A standout success story is that of an academy team in Counter-Strike (CS), which GGPredict scouted for a partner interested in forming a new team. "This was a group of five young talents who, prior to our intervention, had not signed any professional contracts," Siemaszko explains. Remarkably, within just three months of their formation, this team began securing wins at tournaments, showcasing a rapid and impressive development curve facilitated by GGPredict's data-driven insights and training recommendations.

By the end of their year-long program, each member of the academy team had secured contracts with professional esports teams. Highlighting the trajectory of one player, kisserek, Siemaszko notes, "He is now competing with a top 30 global team, participated in IEM Katowice this year, and was invited to ESL Challenger Melbourne." This story exemplifies the potential of GGPredict's analytics to not only enhance individual player performance but also to scout and develop young talent, propelling them to professional success and recognition in the competitive esports arena.

"Helping teams climb up the ranks and achieve top global positions is rewarding, but the process of discovering young talent and aiding them in reaching star status is particularly fulfilling for us," Siemaszko concludes, highlighting the satisfaction derived from making a tangible impact on the careers of emerging esports athletes through GGPredict's platform.